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DeirEzzor24 exclusvie report:

An exclusive report told DeirEzzor24 network that the businessman “Mohammed Hamsho” managed in the past few days to authorize the formation of a military faction in his name in Deir Ezzor by an Iranian woman.

According to the source, the “Hamsho” faction will be tasked with maintaining the security of the river crossings, accommodating trade and oil cargoes with the SDF, and coordinating with the “Hamsho” agent in the region, Sheikh Jassem Al-Badr, from the town of Al-Kabar in the western Deir Ezzor countryside, which is under the control of SDF (east of the Euphrates). ).

The source added that the “Hamsho” militia actually began, several days ago, to attract those wishing to volunteer within its ranks, and the recruitment operations included civilians and military personnel required for compulsory and reserve service, with a monthly salary of 300,000 Syrian pounds, in addition to a monthly food basket and military cards licensed in the Assad forces, Those wishing to volunteer are received at the militia headquarters in the suburban villas neighborhood in Deir Ezzor.

He pointed out that those in charge of managing the militia appointed delegates to it in cities and villages to register those wishing to join it, in addition to including the militia in the settlement and reconciliation processes in Deir Ezzor, by a decision of “Maher al-Assad”, brother of the head of the Assad regime, “Bashar”, and through the mediation of Brigadier General “Ghassan Bilal”, a security officer. Fourth Division.

The source confirmed that the service of Hamsho militia members will be concentrated in the city of Deir Ezzor and the eastern countryside crossings to Albukamal, in addition to military points similar to those in Al-Qaterji in the villages of the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor, east of the Euphrates.

Muhammad Hamsho is from Damascus Governorate, born in 1966, a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Damascus University, and holds the position of Secretary General of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Syria and a member of the People’s Assembly for two consecutive terms.

Al-Hamsho was known to manage oil deals and Iraqi money laundering, and to support the Iranian agenda by spreading Shiism and financing prostitution networks supported by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. And the establishment of a joint Syrian-Iranian company.

Among the most prominent Hamsho companies in Syria are (Hamsho Group for International Communications,
Buraq Advertising Company, Middle East Information Technology Marketing Company, Sham Company for Engineering Studies and Contracts, Jupiter for Tourism Projects, Syria International for Artistic Production, Agency of the Syrian Al Thuraya Company, and the Syrian Sama Channel).

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