Displaced families from Deir Ezzor in Idlib face displacement once again due to the ongoing clashes between “Nusra Front” and “Jaysh Al-Islam”

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The refugee camp in the Kafr Daryan in Idlib province, which is home to displaced civilians from Al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor province, has been closed after families residing in them fled from the battles between Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham ( Nusra Front formerly) and Jaysh Al-Islam. In other words, displaced families from Deir Ezzor are now facing another displacement after fleeing from the atrocities of Daesh and the barbaric airstrikes by the Russian and Assad’s warplanes.


Jaysh Al-Islam threatened with bombing the recent checkpoints captured by the Fateh Al-Sham recently, which are only 100 meters far from the location of the camp.


The ongoing clashes between those factions have displaced civilians residing in that camp who are facing poor living conditions, which would push many of them to sleep outdoors amid severe winter conditions.

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