Disagreements arise among Assad militias about sharing looted materials

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The Deir Ezzor 24 network spotted a temporary closure of the river crossings in Deir Ezzor, on the background of disputes among members of the Fourth Division and militias affiliated with Russia and Iran, over the sharing of oil smuggling quotas from the eastern side of the Euphrates, coinciding with the suspension of the “Al-Sabha” and “Jadeed Bakara” crossings for the third successive day.

Among the most important crossings in the eastern area are the al-Shahail and al-Hawaij crossings, which are constantly experiencing focused security campaigns by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the coalition, where the movement of goods and smuggling of fuel is active on these two crossings from SDF-controlled areas to Assad regime-controlled areas, where dozens of tankers affiliated with Al-Qaterji Company enter the area and leave loaded with fuel, including oil, diesel and others.

A group calling itself the “Sinjar Wolves Group” recently issued a statement in which it announced the start of a battle in the name of “If I do not take my share of it, it is forbidden to me and you.” It demanded a fair distribution of wealth in eastern Syria, threatening to attack the oil wells in the are.

The statement circulated on social media on Wednesday stated that the group will not operate secretly like before, rather it calls upon all people of al-Jazeera area to participate in destroying oil wells and lines, or gas lines, oil tankers, power transmitters, or water wells that do not serve the public, as a rebellion and in objection to smuggling oil from eastern Syria to the Assad regime-controlled area.

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