Iran seeks entrenching its legitimacy in Deir Ezzor by money and power

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Iran’s efforts are still focused firmly on controlling large areas of Deir Ezzor, with the support of officials and influential people in the area. These efforts aim at achieving Iran’s expansionist goals in the area, consolidating demographic change and spreading the Shiite doctrine.

To achieve this end, the Iranian militias, backed by some influential people, are seizing real estate and property belonging to opponents, and buying other property from its owners, in addition to opening service projects such as gas stations and ice plants, in an attempt to impose themselves as an essential component in the governorate, and forcefully extract recognition from the people by money, power and influence.

The governor of Deir Ezzor, who is one of Iran’s agents in the area,, makes it easy for the militias to invest in water stations and confiscate opponents’ property and legalize them, as he did in “Mohassan” and “Al-buleel”, where he prepared lists of opponents’ property and facilitated the process of confiscation that will take place soon.

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