Deir Ezzor fuels are complaining about not getting their gas allocations

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The official of the gas office in Deir Ezzor fuels of the Assad regime said that the region receives only 20 percent of domestic gas allocations, and it does not cover the large number of residents, according to North-Press.

Marat al-Khalif, the official in charge of the Gas Office, said that Deir Ezzor’s share amounts to 10,500 gas cylinders per week, distributed to 4 sectors, through supervisors and delegates.

She added that this quantity is “very small” and does not cover the region’s needs, and indicated that there are problems in statistics and that “there are regions that do not get gas, and other regions that have a surplus.”

The areas controlled by the Assad regime suffer from a severe shortage of fuel and domestic gas, and the Assad regime relies mainly on smuggling operations from the areas controlled by the SDF to fill the shortage of fuel and gas.

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