Deir Ezzor bakery bread is not eatable

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 DeirEzzor24 exclusive report :
The people of Deir Ezzor province complain about the poor quality of bread, stressing that it is not suitable for human consumption, due to the poor quality of flour mixed with soil, which makes it appear when kneaded as a mixture of mud.

According to the owners of the bakeries, the type of flour used in the city’s bakeries is Ma’bar, as it is brought from the city of Qamishli, according to deals made by the agent of the Qatirji militia, “Madlool al-Aziz,” . The militia is in charge of smuggling foodstuffs, fuel and others.

Al-Madlol ,known as “Abu Dabbah” ,uses his influence to pass on poor quantities of flour and dispose of them in the institutions of the Assad regime.

The flour is entered through the river crossings that link the SDF-controlled areas with the areas of the Assad regime, most notably the Al-Shuhail and Buqruss crossings.

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