Daesh suffers massive losses during recent failed offensive on eastern Qalamoun

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The FSA military formations operating in eastern Qalamoun have recaptured all areas that had previously fallen to Daesh in its offensive on the region, as a result of fierce battles which ended with the failure of the group’s attack, causing it to suffer massive fatalities.

ISIS had made gains in eastern Qalamoun following Assad forces withdrawal from several key areas located at Damascu-Baghdad highway, including the Chinese factory and al-Safa station. It benefited from the withdrawal by advancing and taking those areas to later use them as a starting point from which they assaulted an FSA faction (Shaheed Abdou battalion) held areas in the region and managed to advance and occupy more territory.


Jaysh Assud al-Sharqiya and Shaheeb Abdou battalion launched a quick sudden counter-attack in response, and after 24 hours of fierce fighting, they succeeded in reclaiming all of their territory, inflicting massive losses of lives and equipment upon the group.


“5 Daesh vehicles were blown up and around 30 Daesh members killed, with the secure of all the recaptured areas and the cut off of Damascus-Baghdad highway,” a close source to Jaysh Assud Sharqiya told D24.

“The attacking FSA military formations managed also to capture a 120mm heavy artillery in addition to a huge amount of weaponry and ammo,” the same sourced added.


Jaysh Assud al-Sharqiya, al-Shaheed Ahmed al-Abdou, The Army of Sanadid, The Army of the Liberation of Sham and The Army of Islam all took part in the recent anti-Daesh operation in eastern Qalamoun.


Jaysh Assud al-Sharqiya had previously took control over a military company in the Syrian Badiya after expelling Daesh from it, while Al-Shaheed Ahmed al-Abdou battalion participated in the liberation of Tanf border crossing. Both of the military factions are considered as the primary formations fighting against Daesh in Qalamoun and the Syrian Badiya.

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