Daesh carries out a new round of brutal executions in Deir Ezzor, 11 civilians have been executed so far

Written by Editorial Board

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Today, Daesh brutally executed 11 civilians in several towns in Deir Ezzor province, including Jadid Akidat, Khisham, Hatlah and the town of Al-Salhiya. Some were executed under charges of communication with the international coalition and the Free Syrian Army, while others for blasphemy.


Following are names of those executed today:


  1. Ibrahim Ali Al-Bassiss
  2. Aydan Al-Aloush
  3. Omar al-Daabol
  4. Khalid Hussein Al-Rahim
  5. Fateh Al-Sakhni
  6. Saleh Ahmed Al-Bilal
  7. A member of the family of Tamawi
  8. Mohamed Al Haloush
  9. Khalid Aydan Al Alosh
  10. Omar Awad Al Alosh
  11. Hamoud Al Jassem
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