The Assad-regime has issued conditions on payment of salaries to employees in the besieged areas of Deir Ezzor

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The Assad-regime run Directorate of Education in Deir Ezzor has announced that it will pay salaries to the school staff in the region based on the following conditions:


Female teachers must bring a copy of their identity cards while male teachers must be born in 1970 and above. They also must move to an office within the directorate, whose head is named Abu Shadwan, to register their names to be recruited into the ranks of Hashd Shaabi militias later on. The school staff must sign a paper in which they pledge to join the ranks of the militias based on procedures that will be determined later on by the office.

Noteworthy, the majority of Assad-run institutions in Deir Ezor have not paid their employees for one month now, increasing the suffering of families living under the inhumane siege imposed on their areas by Daesh.

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