Coalition arrests Hossam Al-Shalouf, a Daesh leader, while trying to escape from Al-Baghuz

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Two days ago, the international coalition Forces arrested a group of Daesh militants who tried to flee Al-Baghuz town, and among the group is a man called “Hossam Al-Shalouf” from Al-Hawayej town in Deir Ezzor countryside.

D24 correspondent said that the operation to arrest the group of Daesh came after the group had escaped from Al-Baghuz through paying large sums of money to smugglers who deal with elements from the SDF, and after the group including “Al-Shalouf” had passed the SDF’s checkpoints, a Coalition reconnaissance aitcraft detected the group’s movements and arrested it in the badiyah of Al-Baghuz.

The correspondent continued:
The amounts that the elements of Daesh pay to the smugglers to escape from the areas controlled by Daesh reache up to 4 million SYP for the local elements and twice the amount for the foreign elements or the leaders.

He added:

“Al-Shalouf” was with a group of elements and leaders from Daesh, one of whom was a judge, and after their arrest they were taken to an unknown place believed to be Al-Omar field.

It is worth mentioning that “Al-Shlouf” has sworn allegiance to Daesh since the beginning of its control over Deir Ezzor with the aim of taking revenge on Jabhat Al-Nusra, which blew up a car bomb in his family’s house, killing his father, friend and brother-in-law, but he took part in the organization’s practices and gory and became an active element of Daesh.

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