Coalition and Russian aircraft continue to harvest dozens of civilians lives in Deir Ezzor…. A new massacre is carried out in the village of Al-Hassin

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Amid the several massacres which have been carried out by all parties against civilians in Deir Ezzor, aircraft, believed to be a coalition, perpetrated a new massacre in the village of Al-Hassin in Deir Ezzor’s northern countryside.


The coalition targeted civilians houses in the village on Saturday morning, killing six civilians of the same family, who were displaced families from al-Omal neighborhood residing in that village. The death toll might increase due to the huge number of the wounded amid a lack of medical stuff.


The injured were transported to hospitals in neighboring towns and villages.


The airstrikes have caused massive destruction in houses, commercial shops, and infrastructures.


This massacre is a repetition of the daily massacres the locals are subjected to in Al-Quriyah, Dablan, Muhassan, Al-Joura and Muheimidah neighborhoods as well as Al-Bukamal, in addition to several villages and towns in the province.


Names of the killed:

Ahmed Hussein Al-Hamad

Baraa Saleh Al-Jadaan

Hamada Saleh Al-Jaddan

Hadil Ahmed Hussein Hamad

Amina Hussein Ahmed Hussein Hamad

Rawiyah Ahmed Hussein Hamad

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