A sky-high increase in prices of food and basic materials in the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city

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Civilians in the besieged neighborhoods of Al-Joura, Al-Qusour and Al-Muwadafine, held by the Assad regime, are witnessing a sky-high increase in the prices of foodstuffs due to the Daesh-imposed siege. The available food materials in the markets are brought in by regime helicopters and smugglers, and are sold to the trapped civilians for extremely high prices. Some of the sold materials include humanitarian supplies which are being delivered to the SARC.


Kilo flour Zero 700 pounds

Kiloathen brown 200

lira Kilo Burghal (Crescent) 700 pounds


Kilo homemade noodles 800 lira

Kilo semolina 300 lira

Kilo frenzy 700 pounds

Kilo kiosk 1700 lira

Kilo salt 1000 pounds

Kilo al-Khathr (milk powder)

600 liras Kilo Alkathr

1400 lira Kg of sugar (crescent) 2000 pounds

100 g Tea Curse 1000 lira

Tea box of 450 g

Kilo oil (Crescent) 3200 liras

Kilo obesity 6000 pounds

Kg of rice (Crescent) 400 pounds

Kilo lentils (Crescent) 150 pounds

Kilo lentils Almajdra (Crescent) 150 pounds

Kilo beans (Crescent) 400 pounds

The Sudanese pound is 3,000 lira

100 g Tomato paste 600 lira

A box of tomato molasses, made by a Tukery, 830 g 4300 lira

100 g molasses

Pack of sweetness 800 g 3600 lira

The box of 700 pounds Thyme Thyme,

half a kilo 1500 pounds

Sardine Box 800 lira

Tuna Box 800 lira


The price is 200 LE


Cheese Tray 8 pieces Triangles 700 lira


Chouf 200 g


Spaghetti Spaghetti 400 g 1000 Lira


Circumcision of the Andalusian Shepherd 600 lira


Pack 1 kg pass 2900 lira


The packet is 1000 lira


100 g cocoa 1000 lira


20 grams of sugar 1000 pounds


40 tablets of 100 lira


The Circumcision of 75 pounds


Nescafe coffee envelope


Milk powder 200 g


100 g Created 600 pounds


Turkish drink envelope 125 lira


The envelope of powder 75 pounds



L Diesel (refined) 2000 lira

Liter gasoline (refined) 4500 lira

Alkaz (not available)

Kg of  firewood 350 lira

Gas Jar (not available)


Meat: Not available

*eggs : The price of the egg is 500 lira *

Sweets and Sweets:

Small piece of chicken 50 lira

A small brand acrym 50 pounds

Piece Small Sucker 50 lira

A small buckle tablet 100 lira

Lafita biscuits 18 g 200 lira

Kilogram 3000 pounds

Kilo of the insect and the work of 3500 lira


  • Drinks and ice cream: Cold juice juice 100 liras

A small ice cream cup 200 lira

3 liters of cold water 100 liras

Power Drink Tray 500 ml 1500 lira Orginal Box “orange syrup and carrots”

1 liter 4500 lira *


Smoke: A liter of 400 lira

Fayesoury lire 400 lira

Eligans loot 400 lira

Goulaouz of 800 lira

Wastewater of 800 pounds

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