Airstrikes with cluster bombs kill dozens of civilians in the town of Dablan in eastern Deir Ezzor

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The village of Dablan in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor witnessed a harrowing massacre today in which more than 15 civilians, mostly women, and children, were killed. The massacre was caused by warplanes believed to be Russian.


Alleged Russian warplanes targeted in the early morning the house of the civilian ‘Mohamed Al-Ghadib’ in the village of Dablan using cluster bombs, resulting in the death of more than 15 civilians and the injury of dozens of others. The death toll might increase due to the severe injuries of the wounded.


The locals transported the injured to hospitals in the town of Al-Ishara and the city of Al-Mayadin due to the lack of medicines and medical staff in their village.


The air raids have also destroyed several houses nearby the targeted house. In the aftermath of the bombardment, Daesh imposed a security corridor in the area.


The targeted house belong to a civilian and it is not a Daesh headquarter.


Names of the killed:


Two children from the family of Yassin Allawi

Two children from the family of Jassem Al-Ghadib

Muhssin Al-Assur

Khaled Hussein Al-Saleh and his son

Salhed Al-Hussein Al-Saleh

Aissah Al-Hamoud

Mussa Al-Ismail

A child from the family of Al-Aliwi

Two women from the family of Khamiss Khalifah

Two unidentified persons.

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