Bread..another crisis added to the crises of the countryside of Deir Ezzor province

Written by Editorial Board

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The people of the northern and eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, which is under the control of the SDF, complain about the poor quality of bread and its scarcity, as the flour is mixed with bran, barley and corn flour, and it also contains dirt and pebbles.

There are 36 bakeries in the villages and towns of the region, and their owners have a good relationship with the Economic and Supply Committee, as they bake half of the quantity they receive, and sell the other half to merchants who smuggle it to “Assad”-controlled areas through river crossings.

Bread is distributed by trustees who know about stealing bread from the people’s allocations, while the bakeries witness long queues that the people stand in from the early morning to get bread, while the owners of the bakeries deliberately delay the production of bread, and take advantage of the scene of queues, to increase their allocations of flour, in addition to the fact that the queues increases the spread of the Corona epidemic, due to weak preventive measures, and the inability of people to adhere to the rules of social separation and wearing masks, given the difficult living conditions they suffer from.

“Rabi’ al-Ali” is one of the citizens who prefer to get their bread from merchants, to avoid standing for long hours in queues, stressing that the quantity distributed by the bakeries does not meet the people’s need for bread.

The owners of the bakeries attributed the cause of the bread crisis to the lack of flour, and they demanded the concerned party to provide it, to ease the current crisis.

The co-chair of the Autonomous Administration, Amal Khuzaym, recently admitted mixing flour with cornmeal, which negatively affected the quality of the bread.

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