Assad regime appoints former al-Nusra Front member as chief of al-Futwah football club

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On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, the Assad regime Sport Association Executive Office appointed a new administration to the al-Futuwwah football club that represents the city of Deir Ezzor in the Assad regime-controlled areas.

The Executive Office appointed Madlool Omar al-Aziz, who is a member of the Syrian People’s Assembly, as a chief of al-Futwah Club, along with eight other members, including Abdulaziz Muhammad al-Hussein, who is also a member of the People’s Assembly and commander of the Shiite al-Hussein battalions in the town of Mahkan in eastern Deir Ezzor.

The new chief of al-Futwah Club Madlool al-Aziz is the charge de affairs of al-Qaterji in Deir Ezzor and the sponsor of smuggling between the Assad regime-controlled areas and the Syrian Democratic Forces areas. Al-Aziz is the real owner of the Buqrus-ash-Shaheil crossing.

Madlool al-Aziz is nicknamed al-Thabah (Slaughter) due to the many Assad forces’ members he killed when he was a member of the al-Nusra Front. Al-Aziz is from al-Baqara tribe and reconciled with the Assad regime when the latter controlled west of the Euphrates in Deir Ezzor. Al-Aziz left al-Golani for the Assad People’s Assembly.

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