Assad forces launch arrest campaigns in al-Bukamal

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On Monday, Assad forces launched an inspection and arrest campaign against civilians in the city of al-Bukamal, eastern Deir Ezzor controlled by the Iranian militias. Assad regime’s Military Police, Military Security branch, Aerial Intelligence, and Criminal Security backed the National Defense (ND) militia and patrolled the city, arresting young men.

To arrest young men, each patrol deployed its members to temporary checkpoints and toured the city in vehicles. The patrols intercepted the young men and checked their identification cards and inspected them. The patrols searched for people wanted for compulsory and reserve recruitment or any of the Assad intelligence branches. Assad forces also inspected women and elderlies.

Despite Assad non-active control over al-Bukamal and its countryside, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps militia has been the real controller of the area since the expulsion of Daesh in October 2017.

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