As Deir Ezzor siege enters two years, Daesh intensifies its shelling on the besieged city

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Last week, Daesh intensified its shelling on the besieged neighborhoods ( the Joura, the Qusour and the Hrabish), killing and wounding a number of civilians. This came amid the continuity of siege which has been imposed for more than two years now.


At least seven civilians were killed, who were mostly women and children, and several others were injured, in a Daesh mortar shelling which was launched against civilian buildings in besieged Deir Ezzor last week.

On Sunday, January 08, several civilians were also wounded in a mortar attack on the Joura and the Qusour neighborhoods, which was launched by the organization.


More than 115 thousand civilians are living under siege in Deir Ezzor city, where they are facing miserable and tough conditions in which they are deprived of their basic needs, including food, electricity, water and medicines. Despite the UN Food Program has airdropped several food and medical supplies shipments, civilians remain affected as Assad’s forces continue to control the possession of those shipments and sell them for sky-high prices for the trapped civilians.

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