Anniversary of the martyrdom of Murfaq Suleiman form Deir Ezzor

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Marfaq Suleiman, who was also known as ‘Abud’, was born in the Joura nighborhood of Deir Ezzor city in 1978. He lived in the Muzah area in the city of Damascus and was a hard-working student who managed to get his agricultural engineering doctoral degree. His creativity and capabilities reached a stunning level that he was the only person in the Middle East to develop and use a bacterium extracted from the earth in the curing of several diseases.


Murfaq was also a student of the renowned Islamic scholar named ‘Abul Karim Al-Rifaa’. He frequently attended his lessons and speeches for ten years. Once the Syrian Revolution began in 2011, he joined the peaceful protests which were organized in the Rifaa Mosque in Kafr Sussah. One day, some of the protesters were encircled and humiliated by oppressing Assad’s forces in that mosque and the Rifaa ordered them to come out of the mosque and head to their homes peacefully. However, Murfa did not abide by that and once he left the mosque he took off his shoes and threw it at a lieutenant colonel who was accompanying those Assad’s forces. Then, he succeeded to escape without being caught. But, the issue was that Assad’s forces blacklisted his name.


In March 22, 2013, Morfaq, and one of his friend, were praying in the Burzah area following the closure of the Rifaa Mosque. After that, all the prayers went out from the mosque in huge protest gatherings which were met by Assad’s forces opening intense fire on them, splitting them into different groups. He saw one of the groups being encircled by Assad’s security forces, and, therefore, he came up with a decision to run in front of them in an attempt to divert their attention from that group to help the latter flee for their lives. Unfortunately, he felt on the ground after being shot and wounded in his left leg. Then, members of the regime security branch arrested and took him with them.


His dead body, which was left in the Musawat Hospital, was handed over to his family in 28/04/2011, meaning that he was executed following his arrest for his body had three bullets.

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