“Al-Tafyeesh” pervade Deir Ezzor schools with the blessing of the Education Directorate

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Corruption pervades the education sector just like most other sectors in Deir Ezzor city which is controlled by the Assad regime.

“Alien employees” is the name that people of Deir Ezzor give to a large number of employees and teachers who exist only in names in the lists of Deir Ezzor schools and in Deir Ezzor Education Directorate’s records, while they actually do not work under a so-called “Al-Tafyeesh” where these teachers pay bribes to the school headmasters and the administrators in the Directorate of Education so that they turn a blind eye to their absence.

Each one of Deir Ezzor schools has more than 200 teachers recorded in the teaching staff records, while the teachers who actually attend their work at each school are not more than 30 teachers at best.

The number of teachers returning to the educational process has increased significantly following the decision of the Ministry of Education of the Assad regime to dismiss every teacher who does not return to his/her job in Deir Ezzor, and many of these teachers have managed to settle their situation without having to return to Deir Ezzor taking advantage of the chaos and corruption in Deir Ezzor Directorate of Education.

Teachers number in Jamil Alwan School is 320 teachers while the school does not have more than 30 in both morning and afternoon shifts, where teachers pay bribes to its headmaster “Muna Al-Khayer”, and Adnan Al-Malki school has 250 teachers of whom 100 do not work and bribes are also paid to its headmaster “Abdulla Al Faris”.

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