Al-cohol trade increases daily in Deir Ezzor by green light from Assad militias

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The Security Committee of Deir Ezzor allowed Muhammad Qanbar to open a kiosk to sell alcohol beverages. The kiosk is supposed to open in the Foad Cinema street shortly.

Sources told the Deir Ezzor 24 Network that the kiosk is owned by Firas al-Iraqiya who is the commander of the National Defense (ND) militia. Qanbar has a strong relation with al-Iraqiya on the background of the latter’s influence.

Alcohol trade has gained popularity in Deir Ezzor recently, due to the presence of the Russians, in addition to its promotion and facilitation by the Assad regime’s security branches’ members and members of the 4th Division, who also run stores for smuggled tobaccos.

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