After a dispute with Nawaf Al-Bashir…. The most prominent of Deir Ezzor Shabbiha is arrested by the Assad’s forces

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“Subhi Zaid Al-Hannan” and his two sons were arrested by the Assad’s forces, against the backdrop of a conflict between him and Nawaf Al-Bashir, who is considered the right-hand man of the Iranian militias in Deir Ezzor province.

According to Deir Ezzor 24 “Al-Hannan” was arrested against the backdrop of a hidden conflict between him and Nawaf Al-Bashir over the tribal leadership in Deir Ezzor but the latter has strong relations with the Iranian militias.”

The reporter noted that until now the main reasons for arresting Al-Hannan is not clear, but according to the tribals his dispute with Al-Bashir is likely the reason for his arrest.

Besides that, Deir Ezzor countryside is witnessing a strong struggle between the figures loyal to the Assad regime and those who have strong relations with the Iranians, for who will have the upper hand in Deir Ezzor province.

Al-Hannan comes from “Al-Jiyaa” town in the western Deir Ezzor countryside, has strong relations with the heads of the intelligence branches of the Assad’s forces, was involved in the repression of the peaceful demonstrations, and called for the entry of the Assad’s forces to Deir Ezzor.


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