A year has passed since “No weapons” campaign was launched.. now the campaign enters new areas of Deir Ezzor

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campaign to address one of the most dangerous phenomena in Deir Ezzor society, namely the indiscriminate use of weapons, under the name of “No weapons” campaign.

The campaign targeted dozens of villages, towns and cities in the eastern, northern and western Deir Ezzor countryside eastern Euphrates. The impact of the campaign was clear in reducing the spread of this dangerous phenomenon.

In carrying out its campaign and in the early phases, the network relied on activists on the ground who were able to hold awareness-raising sessions with the people of the targeted areas in Deir Ezzor, in order to demonstrate the dangerous aspects of using weapons among civilians.

In the second phase, a number of brochures were distributed to people, advising them to stay away from using weapons, and watch and advise their children.

Recently, about a month ago, “No weapons” campaign was resumed in Deir Ezzor areas (eastern Euphrates), by holding discussion sessions with people in several areas, most notably in Al-Suwar city north of Deir Ezzor, and Ash-Shahil city east of Deir Ezzor. The sessions were very effective, where people issued statements containing several terms prohibiting the use of weapons, especially at celebrations, funerals, and the personal quarrels. The statements also included the imposition of (social) penalties on anyone violates the terms of the agreement made by the elders and people of those areas.

During the past month, a discussion session was held in Al-Kuber town in the western Deir Ezzor countryside, where a large number of the town’s residents, as well as the elders of the area were invited. During the sessions, the attendees showed their support to reduce the phenomenon of using weapons among civilians.

According to those responsible for the campaign, it will continue its activities to cover all villages, towns and cities of Deir Ezzor countryside (east of the Euphrates), where new phases including advanced methods will be implemented in areas that were targeted previously, and the earlier phases be implemented in new areas.

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