A thief was caught red-handed in Deir Ezzor and released because he was a military man

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

A group of Deir Ezzor residents arrested a military security officer while stealing and looting cars in front of the Agricultural Bank in Deir Ezzor city, according to a reporter of DeirEzzor24 Network.

Our correspondent said that the group summoned the Criminal Security to the place, and upon the arrival of a patrol, the thief was released after showing his military card under the pretext that it was the jurisdiction of the military police.

He added that an amount of 3 million Syrian pounds was found, and a quantity of “dukhan” tobacco was stolen from a Kia car.

The Assad regime gives free rein to its military members from the security branches or militias, and does not apply any laws to them regarding violations, fraud, theft, and defamation.

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