A horrible crime is committed by the Republican Guard in Deir Ezzor!

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During the past few days, members of Assad regime Republican Guard committed a crime against a person in one of Deir Ezzor city’s neighborhoods in the areas controlled by Assad’s forces, according to pro-regime pages.

In detail, two members of the Republican Guard, Karam al-Sussi, Ous Hamdan, pulled Fawaz Khalifa, a taxi driver from Deir Ezzor, in to an empty area, where they killed him and stole his money and car. A few days after the crime, they were arrested while trying to sell the victim’s car.

It is noteworthy that crimes of different kinds (murder, robbery, fraud, rape) and other crimes have been widespread in the areas of Deir Ezzor which are controlled by Assad’s forces, due to the widespread corruption in the Assad regime’s security branches in Deir Ezzor.

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