A decrease in food prices in the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor

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The markets in the besieged areas have recently witnessed a fall in food prices compared to the situation before in which food prices were sky-high and unaffordable. The food prices have dropped significantly after humanitarian food aid were distributed equitably by the Syrian Red Crescent branch in Deir Ezzor.



Sugar in the besieged neighborhood costs now 1700 Syrian lira per one kg; its price used to be around 4700 a couple of days ago. The price of butter has also decreased, and now it is sold at 5800 Syria lira per one kg, rather than 15000. Rice has shifted from 1000 lira to 100 for one kg. Lentils can be bought at 1200 now, after it was sold at 4000 before. Tea reached 3200 Syrian lira per one kg before; however, following the significant drop in food prices in the besieged areas, one kg of tea is only worth 1300 lira.`


A D24 correspondent has indicated that, “The reason food prices in the besieged areas have dropped is because the humanitarian food aid were justly distributed to civilians in besieged Deir Ezzor by SARC.”


SARC has completed the distribution of oil to all residents in the besieged areas. It also delivered 5 kg of Sugar, 5 Kg of lentils, 1 kg of salt, as well as 5 kg of groats to each family.


Noteworthy, cargo planes dropped yesterday 26 food shipments containing food aid over Assad-regime held territory; they also parachuted 20 fuel shipments yesterday afternoon.

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