People in Al-Qalamon honour the FSA faction Jaysh Assud Al-Sharqiya for protecting their areas

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D24 exclusive report.

The local Revolutionary Council, the Sharia committee as well as a number of tribal figures and revolutionary activists in the city of Al-Rahiba, Al-Qalamon, have held a special event under the banner ” Giving Back” during which they honoured the FSA faction Assud Al-Sharqiya for protecting their city; and valued all of their sacrifices they have offered so far in the fight against both Daesh and the Assad-regime.


Jaysh Assud Al-Sharqiya is regarded as one of the most significant and primary Deir Ezzor’s FSA military factions, which fought to death against Daesh when heavy fighting broke out between the FSA and the group in Deir Ezzor province two years ago. After months of intense battles, those affiliated with it refused to bow down and surrender to Daesh, and as a result their left Deir Ezzor for Qalamon with the aim of returning back to the province and liberate it from the organization.


13319913_1157234680967016_4782184286711419671_nDuring their presence in Qalamoun, Assud Al-Sharqia have succeeded in repulsing multiple Daesh’s offensives and gained control over several key positions from the group. Assud Al-Sharqiya has also fought against the Assad-regime in cooperation with other FSA factions operating in Qalamaon. Their headquarters were also bombed by Russian warplanes during their areal aggression against the liberated areas.


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