The SDF blows up an arms depot in Al-Baghuz!

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A few days ago, the Syrian democratic forces (SDF) found an arms depot, believed to be a remnant of Daesh, in Al-Baghuz town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to local sources.

Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent said that a group of people found an arms depot in the town and informed the SDF, who surrounded the area where the arms depot was.

Media sources of the SDF said that the military force that took over the arms depot found and detonated nearly 150 mortar shells.

It is noteworthy that Al-Baghuz town is the area where Daesh holed up for months, and witnessed many battles between the SDF and the organization, that ended with the international coalition forces taking control of it after the surrender of a number of Daesh elements and the escape of others.

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