The people of Al-Buwaittya village in Deir Ezzor clash with gunmen and expel them!

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A clash broke out this afternoon 7-4-2020 between the people of Al-Buwaittya village in the countryside of Al-Tibni area west of Deir Ezzor and gunmen believed to be belong to an Iranian militia in the badiyah of Deir Ezzor, according to Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent.

In the details, our correspondent said, that gunmen in pick-up vehicles attacked some shepherds from Al-Buwaittya village in the badiyah, but the shepherds, who were armed with personal weapons, defended themselves, and requested help from the people of the village, so a group of people with their weapons came and clashed with the gunmen, and expelled them.

Local sources confirmed to Deir Ezzor 24 that the attackers were the same ones who committed the massacre against 8 people from Maadan Atiq village in Deir Ezzor countryside two days ago.

It is worth mentioning that several militias, including the Palestinian Al-Quds Brigade militia, have been deployed recently along with Assad’s forces in the badiyah of Deir Ezzor to comb the badiyah.

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