The new bridge in Deir Ezzor is in danger of collapse

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

The construction work of the new bridge, “the alternative to the Iranian river barge in Deir Ezzor, has been temporarily halted due to the natural obstacles represented by the abundance of the river leading to the drift of the pipes, despite the attempt to overcome them by placing concrete blocks in front of the pipes, in addition to the accumulation of plankton caused by blocking the pipes and the deviation of the watercourse on the impermeable side.

The execution supervisor, the engineer, expressed his dissatisfaction with the progress of the work, describing it as primitive, expecting the project to fail in a period if continued at this level.

The supervising engineer confirmed that the bridge, if completed, would collapse in front of the first flood of the Euphrates River, causing a high rate of environmental pollution, due to the collapse of the pipes and the accumulation of dust and rocks in the river.

In light of the developments, the Fourth Division ignores the situation, while it is considered that the project is supported by the Iranian militias and the Russian side rejects the project, against the background of the disappointing data in the project implementation plan.

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