The international coalition carried out landing operation in the city of Al-Busaira

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The international coalition forces and the SDF carried out a landing operation by helicopters in the city of Al-Basira in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, which led to the killing of “Khalaf Wahhab Al-Alawi” and two of his sons, in addition to a person believed to be affiliated with Daesh, called “Abu Malik” from the village of al-Bulail.

In the same context, “Ahmed al-Hayawi”, “Mubarak al-Obaid”, “Abdul Rahman al-Ali”, “Ghazi Hussein al-Haza’a”, “Muawiya Juma al-Ali”, “Mohammed Attia al-Aboud” and two brothers from Idlib who work in trade, Yahya and Muhammad al-Maarawi, and two of the sons of Amshan.

These events coincide with a statement by Colonel Joel Harper, spokesman for the International Coalition, that ” Daesh are still active in Syria and poses an existential threat if it is allowed to resurge,” stressing that the coalition continues in its partnership with the SDF and continues to target Daesh in Syria so as not to threaten the region. once again”.

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