The humanitarian sufferings of the Syrian refugees at the Tel Abyad Camp in Turkey’s Urfa increase in severity

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The humanitarian sufferings of the Syrian refugees in the Shah Sluemein camp, Turkey’sUrfa which was established in 2012 to shelter the Syrian refugees, continue to change from bad to worse.


The number of the refugees who are now living in the camp has reached 50 thousand people, most of whom are from the eastern region who fled from both, Assad forces and Daesh. They face multiple issues in the camp, ranging from mistreatment and low-level educational and health services.


The administration at the camp exploits the refugees by worsening their situation through the issuing of illegal decisions, including the prevention of committees and humanitarian aid organization from entering into the camp to provide help for the refugees. Sometimes, the refugees are prevented from going outside the camp, which negatively affect those who have a job among them as they are left with no sources of income.


Abuses against the refuges at the camp have reached the top after the administration issued a decision which forces every family with less then 4 members to live with another one with the same members in the same camp. Even though there is no relationship or ties between the families. This decision does not take into account the privacy of the families who will be banned from entering the camp if they do not adhere to it.

The contract with the cleansing association at the camp ended recently and it has not been renewed so far, turning the camp into a place of dirt and bad smelling, which might give rise to diseases between the refugees in the foreseeable future.

Worse of all, some police officers abused physically a handicapped young man after a disagreement occurred between him and them as he was returning to the camp. They humiliated him, broke his leg, and wounded him in the face.

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