The front of Deir Ezzor Military airport is back to the forefront again

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A round of violent confrontations burst out between Assad forces and ISIS on the front of Deir Ezzor military airport today and yesterday.

Heavy and medium weaponry were utilized during clashes on several axes surrounding the military airport ,they were mainly concentrated at each of the axis of al Daghim farms and the ceramic factories in the eastern and northern parts of the airport.

The battles intensified as ISIS detonated a car loaded with at least 8 tons of explosives targeting Regime gatherings at the eastern part of the airport,followed by launching several mortar shells,on top of that the regime conducted several air raids on the vicinity of the military airport ,the industrial and al Huwayqa districts in the city of Deir Ezzor.The regime also bombarded al Halabiya neighborhood which led to the death of one civilian and dozens of injuries.

There is still no information on casualties in the ranks of both parties during the ongoing fierce clashes on the front.

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