The final trip of Mohammad al-Adnani, the official spokesman of Daesh

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The spokesperson of Daesh, Adnani, spent his last moments attempting to reorganize the ranks of Daesh following its continuous, humiliating setbacks in Aleppo province. He is the one famous for asking his God to kill all Daesh leaders if the organization was on a wrong and deviating path.


Al-Adnani did not die while removing and destroying the barricades separating Syria from Iraq; the same time Daesh announced the end of Sykes and Picot borders. He was in a good shape while inciting jihad and recruiting thousands of fighters from over the world. His death came in a time where the group lost several of its main fortified strongholds in Aleppo.


He was turned into a total coal, along with some other Daesh commanders, following an air raid that struck their vehicle with a Syrian license plate. They were on their way to Al-Bab to check the front lines against SDF west Manbij.



He was the one who rushed to Aleppo province following their degrading defeat in Manbej and the withdrawal of their fighters to Jarablus in the north. He immediately headed to the region to investigate the reasons that led to these disastrous setbacks, despite the fact that they had equipped and prepared themselves to resist the siege laid on the city of Manbij by SDF, during which civilians were turned into victims of siege and hunger. They believed that as long as they had attained “success’ in Falujah, where they benefited from the suffering of the people, they would also be able to repeat the same scenario in Manbej; however, it was significantly different in Manbij, as their defensive lines collapsed one after the other like dominoes.


The battle of the liberation of Jarablus began as Adnani was still in Aleppo. It was a decisive operation after coalition air strikes eliminated all the Daesh leaders in Jarablus, leaving the group fighters in a state of total chaos and confusion before Adnana issued to them orders to retreat in order to avoid a new tragedy like the one experienced in Manbej.

Adnani always attempted to stay hidden from the public that his stay in any specific area would not exceed a period of three days. He also relied on local figures to facilitate his movement while passing through Daesh checkpoints to avoid being recognized.

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