The family of el Fanosh from Deir Ezzor martyred as their yacht sank off Greek coast

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The Situation of Deir Ezzor’s residents continues to get worse and worse and the latest tragedy is embodied in drowning in sea while attempting to reach safety.
The story begins with a 10-months-old child named Maher el Fanoush, and her 10-years-old sister Nour el Fanosh old along with their mother Fatima Ahmed al Abadi, 30 years old. A simple family, from the area of Ghassan Abud in Deir Ezzor province, drowned by sea while attempting to reach Europe.

The two children along with their father, Maher Dawud el Fanosh and his wife Fatima, in addition to their son, Mohamed, set sail on a yacht from the coast of the Turkish city of Izmir heading towards the Greek islands of Samos Sunday night, unfortunately as they were getting closer to Greece, only 50 meters far from the shores of the island of Samos, their yacht hit a rock and capsized off Greek coast in early Sunday morning.



As a result Rima and Nour along with their mother Fatima drowned in sea while the father, Maher Dawud and his 3 years old son, Mohamed, survived the sinking of their yacht off the Greek coast.



Bodies of the victims are still in the island of Samos and it was decided that they should be transported to the neighbouring island of Kos where there is a mosque.In the beginning, Greek authority refused to hand over the corpses to their family as the hospital was filled with refugees’ dead bodies. On the other hand, the family has decided recently to bury the martyrs in Greece as they recognized it does not go against Islamic teachings.























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