Albu Kamal city under the shade of ISIS’ education curriculum

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After gaining control over the city of Abu Kamal in Deir Ezzor province,ISIS immediately shut down schools  following the seizure of the educational complex ,which includes three educational centers in the region, al Jala’,al Sawssa and the educational center of Albu Kamal whose number of students reached 66000 in all levels.




In addition,ISIS has recently issued a new education curriculum to be taught in schools in areas under its control,but up until this time the demand is low,additionally the organization imposed registration fees(10$) and forced students to buy copies of the curriculum which cost 20 $ and go directly to ISIS treasury.Moreover, the copies of the curriculum are unclear because of the lack of sophisticated printers coincided with the problem of incompetent teachers in these schools.





On the other hand the degradation of education in ISIS held areas was one of the main reason many families moved to northern Syria and Turkey.The ratio of people who left the region of Deir Ezzor due to the degradation of education exceeded 60 % which is quite high.




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