The DeirEzzor province council has imposed fees on hired agricultural lands in eastern Deir Ezzor

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

A DeirEzzor24 network reporter has said that the Deir Ezzor Province Council imposed an amount of 210,000 Syrian pounds on every dunum of land that was hired in the towns of Al-Mariya, Al-Jafra and Mariwyah by the third sector.

Our reporter added that the decision was taken following complaints from the owners of the land, which had not previously succeeded, against the sons of “Al-Ghadhban” (Raed Al-Ghadhban and his brother Hassan Al-Ghadhban and their relatives from the sons of Al-Kisum) who, since the beginning of entering the area, have seized Hawija Al-Mre’iya, which is estimated at 1,500 dunums, and another in the town of Al-Jafra, the village of Al-Abed, and the city of Mohassan, in the amount of 75 thousand pounds for each dunum of land that was cultivated with wheat. It was collected in two installments.

The so-called pilgrims of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militia also seized hundreds of agricultural dunams under the pretext that their owners are wanted by the Assad regime on charges of terrorism

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