The death of a Deir Ezzor tribal leader in ISIS attack on Tel Abyad town yesterday

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Photo of Khaled al Bashir who was killed in Tel Abyad yesterday

A nephew of one of the tribal leaders of Deir Ezzor was killed yesterday by a group of ISIS members who managed to sneak into Tel Abyad, north Raqqa, and clashed with SDF in a failed attempt to seize control over the town.

Khaled Daham al Bashir, cousin of Raghib al Bashir, head of al-Baqara tribe in Deir Ezzor, was killed in fierce clashes that took place inside Tel Abyad town yesterday. After being captured by a group of ISIS members, Khaled al Bashir was beheaded and the image of his execution was posted online on his personal Facebook account.

Khaled al Bashir had previously fought alongside FSA factions against ISIS in Deir Ezzor province and then left the province for Turkey’s Urfa to return after two months to Tel Abyad to fight ISIS with YPG, close sources told D24.

The same sources added that Khaled was executed after he had been encircled along with three other fighters in one of the headquarters near the Syrian-Turkish borders.

The relationship between ISIS and Deir Ezzor tribes is based on a shaky basis as ISIS tries to co-opt them and keep on going after the tribal leaders and their sons in order to liquidate them.

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