The UN’s first delivery of humanitarian aid to Deir Ezzor province by air falls into hands of Assad forces

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“Earlier this morning, a WFP plane dropped the first cargo of 21 tonnes of items into Deir Ezzor,” in eastern Syria, UN aid chief Stephen O’Brien said on 25 February, 2016.

The air-drop is part of a larger effort to lift the starvation siege which has been imposed by both ISIS and the Assad-regime on civilians living in the city for more than a year now.


“A Cargo plane accompanied by two warplanes airdropped food aid shipments over the regime-held territories of Deir Ezzor,” a D24 correspondent said.

He added ‘’ the food shipments landed near brigade 137 west Deir Ezzor and they were collected by both the regime forces and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch of Deir Ezzor (SARC). Some pallets dropped by parachute were damaged.’’


The Syrian Red Crescent (SARC) had previously distributed food baskets to civilians who moved to the regime-held Al-Jbila district of Deir Ezzor after they had been displaced due to a recent ISIS offensive on the regime pocket in the province. The distribution of the food aid took place in an institution called Al-Kukh in Deir Ezzor city.


It should be pointed out that water-pumping stations in the besieged areas of Deir Ezzor have returned to function, supplying water to all civilians living in there after a long period during which water reached the areas adjacent to the pumping stations only.


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