The Coalition carries out an extensive security campaign in Deir Ezzor…and the arrest of an emir of Daesh is the first of its results

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Sources revealed to Deir Ezzor 24 network that a former Daesh leader was arrested along with a number of members in a security operation by the international coalition and the SDF last morning, Sunday 10-11-2019, in Al-Hawayej town east of Deir Ezzor.

The sources said that through a special operation, the attacking force of the Coalition was able to arrest a Daesh leader, Hammam al-Lafi known as “Abu al-Harith”, who was one of the emirs of the Zakat department in the organization, along with a group of former members of the organization.

These arrests were part of an intensive campaign carried out by the coalition and the Syrian democratic forces “SDF” against the cells and remnants of Daesh in the towns and villages of Deir Ezzor countryside (eastern Euphrates).

The same sources noted, that the security campaign carried out by the international Coalition and the SDF has begun on Friday 8-11-2019, starting from Jedid Bakara and Jedid Akidat villages up to Al-Hawayej and Diban. Also Ash-Shahil city witnessed a military campaign last night by the coalition and the SDF on the water crossings linking Ash-Shahil with Buqruss town on the other bank, which is controlled by Assad’s forces. During the operation, the military force led by the coalition clashed with smugglers from the area. This incident coincides with reports of the Coalition intention to close the water crossings with Assad’s forces after releasing statements about protecting the oil installations east of the Euphrates.

The campaign will continue to cover the majority of Deir Ezzor areas (east of the Euphrates) as a result of the increased operations of Daesh remnants and sleeper cells in the area.

During the last period, Daesh cells have been carrying out kidnapping and killings against civilians and military personnel, and threatening all people dealing with the SDF and the coalition through dropping leaflets in several villages and towns that are controlled by the Coalition.

It is indicated that the international coalition occasionally launches security operations against Daesh cells in the region, which exposes civilians and the elements of the international Coalition and the SDF to direct danger.

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