The besieged civilians in Hawijah Kati’ make their last call for help

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The besieged civilians in the Huwayjah Kati’nearby Deir Ezzor city made their last appeal to the international community to save them from Assad’s forces and allied militias, but no side has reacted to their appeal so far.

Yesterday, Assad’s forces gained ground in the Hawijah Katii and are now only 100 meters away from the besieged civilians, whom the international community has abandoned to their fate since the day they called for help.


The negotiations to evacuate the besieged in the Huwajah Kati to SDF-held areas failed on Thursday. The SDF had agreed to evacuate them on the condition that Daesh fighters in the area must surrender themselves, which was refused by Russia and Assad who threatened to bomb the civilians in case they attempt to cross towards SDF-held territory. Other negotiations between Assad’s forces and Daesh failed on Monday because the Assad regime insisted on Daesh to retreat from Al Bukamal and surroundings so that they would allow the besieged to leave Hawijah Kati.


Hawijah Katii is a small island located by the Euphrates River. Many civilians fled to it in order to cross to the SDF-held Husseiniyah village northwest of the city of Deir Ezzor that is only 100 meters away from the island. The SDF refused to help the besieged who have been stuck on that island for eight days now. Many of them have been killed and wounded in airstrikes and also due to diseases and hunger.

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