The Agricultural Bank in Deir Ezzor sells fertilizers to farmers

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Deir Ezzor24 exclusive report:

The Agricultural Bank of Deir Ezzor has started selling fertilizers to agricultural cooperative societies and those with special licenses according to the quantities specified according to the dunams, as it was decided to sell 10 kg of 46 gauge fertilizer for 71 thousand SYP, and 10 kg 30 gauges for 40 thousand SYP, while the amount of earth fertilizer is open because it is of lower quality due to its manufacture from remnants Phosphates at Adra factory in Damascus

The Agricultural Bank is run by Engineer Bassam Kasiri, who is known for his corruption and exploitation of his position for profit, by selling fertilizers for fake licenses, in addition to giving him excessive amounts of land seized from Iranian militias, known for his loyalty to them.

The Russian company, Stroytransgaz, has been in control of the fertilizer plant in Homs for 49 years, with a production capacity of more than 3000 tons per day, limited quantities of which are distributed to agricultural banks in Syria, while the rest is exported abroad through the port of Lattakia.

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