Thanks to Daesh, civilians in Al-Bukamal now face deteriorating economic conditions

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Civilians residing in the Daesh-controlled Al-Bukamal city, east Deir Ezzor, are going through deteriorating economic conditions, which they blame on the brutality and extreme laws imposed on the city by the group.


One of the leading reasons that led the economic of Al-Bukamal to a total collapse was the closure of the majority of the commercial shops under the pretence that they violated the organization’s version of Islamic Sharia. All the make-up, female clothes, tapes and camera shops are now closed.


The organization has also imposed a law banning women from uncovering their faces in commercial shops. The shopkeepers are not permitted to speak to women, and if they violate this, they would face arrest, after which they would be either flogged or fined. These extreme practices have paralyzed commerce in the region, creating a miserable economic situation.


Food prices have also dramatically increased at the markets of Al-Bukamal since the organization captured the region in 2014. Many Iraqi merchants are present in the city and they are always loading their trucks with goods and transporting them into the Iraqi territory.

The residents of Al-Bukamal have been exhausted by the taxes and bills which they have to pay for the group. The bills, which are forcibly collected from civilians by Daesh Hisbah members, include electricity, cleaning, phone and Zakat…etc.



The economic situation in the city thrived under the control of the FSA , making it among the most significant commercial centers in the province due to its strategic location near the Iraqi border. However, following the seizure of the province by Daesh in 2014, the situation has changed for the worse.



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