The atmosphere of Al-Eid in Deir Ezzor province… human sacrifices and new Russian massacres

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This year, the atmosphere of Al-Eid in Deir Ezzor was covered with the barbaric and bloody practices of Daesh after it executed fifteen young civilians from the town of Al-Tabani in the most gruesome ways, describing them as “the sacrifices of Al-Eid”.


The Russian warplanes offered their gifts to civilians in Deir Ezzor on  Al-Eid by perpetrating a massacre in the city of Myadin, east Deir Ezzor, which claimed the lives of at least twenty three civilians and wounded more than seventy others.



A D24 correspondent said about the atmosphere of Al-Eid in Al-Bukamal, “Civilians were concerned and discontent with the extreme decision issued by the group that prevented them from visiting the graves. They were also afraid of more mass executions, as it was the case during Eid Al-Fitr”

He added, “The atmosphere of Al-Eid was grievous and harsh. The amusement parks in the city were almost empty as most of the civilians feared arbitrary arrest campaigns conducted by the Daesh Hisbah office in the city against those “who do not comply” with their extreme ideology, which prevents mixing between men and women at the parks.

Emptiness dominated the restaurants and café shops as the youth preferred to stay in their homes, unless they had something necessary to do outside, for fear of being targeted by the organization. While the internet salons were overcrowded since many civilians resorted to them to communicate with their loved ones and assure them about their situation.”


On the first day of Al-Eid, civilians residing in Deir Ezzor city woke up to sounds of violent explosions rocking their neighborhoods. They were deprived of one of their most significant wishes which was to perform the prayer of Al-Eid in mosque. Because the organization intervens in all aspects of life, Al-Eid was turned into a miserable day. Civilians were even denied access to cemeteries and children were deprived of enjoying their time at the parks because their fathers had refused to accompany them for fear of the group Hisba. Those affiliated with the group were the only ones capable of purchasing sheep for Al-Eid, as civilians are going through miserable economic conditions which make the cost of a sheep unaffordable.


Concerning the besieged areas, the situation was even worse. Civilians were mainly occupied with struggling to obtain some loaves of bread for their families, in connection with Daesh showering them with mortar shells which caused the death of several of them.

In the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, Al-Aid was meaningless and bitter following the brutal decapitation of 15 civilians from the town of Al-Tabani in a slaughterhouse. The executed were described as “the sacrifices of Al-Eid”. The internet salons were all closed in the town after the organization was concerned about the civilian reaction to the barbaric execution.


Feeling of discontent and fear between civilians have dominated all other areas in the province of Deir Ezzor due to different causes, including indiscriminate Russian air strikes, Daesh barbarity and the siege.


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