Tension in Al-Azbah area, and the SDF send reinforcements to Al-Jafra oilfield.

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D24 exclusive:

The SDF raided the diesel market this morning near Al-Azbah area on Al-Suwar- Deir Ezzor road.

Where Armed men of the SDF, driving a pick-up car, kidnapped the civilian “Mohammed Suleiman Al-Qatna”, which prompted some civilians and elements from Khasham town to raid Al-Jafra oilfield in search of the kidnapped, but they did not find him, then beat the SDF elements in the area.

Following which another SDF patrol pursued the civilians who left the market and arrested three other civilians in the same area.

And the area is now experiencing a tension between the SDF and the locals of Al-Azbah area. It is indicated that the civilians who were arrested today by the SDF, have recently appeared in a video showing a group of locals taking control of an oil well near Koniko gas field after driving the SDF out it.

And the SDF sent military reinforcements to Al-Jafra oilfield in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, apparently ready to attack Al-Azbah area, amid fears of storming the area that houses hundreds of displaced people.

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