Syrian refugee from Deir Ezzor wins the 1st place in the Diaspora and the details are!

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The Syrian student, Amirah al-Hamad from Deir Ezzor, has won the first place in her junior high school in one of the German districts. Amirah lives with her family in the German district (Hanau) since 2015. Also last year, 2018, she won the first place in mathematics in the district where she lives. D24 network interviewed this outstanding student, Amirah Al-Hamad, and had the following dialogue:

1.Would you like to talk about the recent success?

Since I was in Syria, I have been excellent in all the grades of school but the Assad’s criminality interrupted my study, bombarding our schools and homes, and displacing us, which made me feel that my efforts and my dreams had lost until, thanks God, I came to Germany, which has gaven me support and confidence and brought back hopes to my life.

2-How could you manage your time studying and performing household duties, especially that you take care of your little brothers after your mother’s death, may God has mercy on her soul?

I have made great efforts, at first to learn the language so I could compensate for being out of school for three years, in addition to my mother’s death, may God rests her soul.

  1. How has your father contributed to your success? And how did you first start planning to be excellent in your school?

My father stood with me and my brothers, and was a source of support and encouragement.

4-What are the obstacles or challenges you faced in the journey of success you have made ?

I had no challenges other than the German language, but my father supported me and helped me by taking care of us, so I had the chance to study all the time.

5-What would you, the outstanding student Amirah Al-Hamad, like to say to the children of Syria in the diaspora? And to the children of Syria who are deprived of education in places of displacement?

I say to all my Syrian brothers in the countries of displacement that you have a big burden on your shoulders and I learned from my father that the blow that does not break my back will strengthen me. You and I have the hope that God will be with us, so do not lose hope to have the mercy of God and to have victory over the Nero of this time, Bashar al-Assad and his supporters.

  1. To whom do you want to dedicate your success?

I dedicate my success to the spirit of my mother, God rests her soul, and to the spirit of the singing bird of the great Syrian revolution, whom I always recite his poems and words that touch my revolutionary feelings (Abdel-Basset Al-Sarout), may God rests his soul.

ID Card:
Name: Amira Yasser Al-Hamad
Country: Syria – Deir Ezzor – Al-Omal neighborhood
Country of living: Germany – Hanau
School: Hessen Hamburg Shula School in Hanau City
Achievement: First place in school in ninth grade.
The first place in mathematics competition in 2018 in Hessen district.

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