Security branches or exam halls in Deir Ezzor?

Written by Editorial Board

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

On the third day of the secondary certificate exams, for the subject of mathematics, the scientific branch, some schools in Deir Ezzor, especially Sami Al-Jassem School, witnessed more than twenty cases of fainting, during which the female students were transferred to the city’s hospitals, according to what the correspondent of DeirEzzor24 network reported.

Our correspondent pointed out that the reasons are due to the arbitrary treatment practiced by observers, representatives of the Ministry and the Directorate of Education on students, as the three hours of the exam witnessed three inspection campaigns within the halls, passing a device over the students’ bodies to detect mobile phones and cheating devices, and a treatment similar to the security branches in terms of screaming and intimidation lost students focus.

It should be pointed out that that these procedures were applied to certain exam centers, while other centers enjoy recommendations and provide the appropriate atmosphere due to the presence of supported students in them.

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