Russian air strikes on a refugee camp in al-Badiya near the Jordanian borders kill and wound several civilians

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One of the children who fell martyrs in Russian air strikes on a refugee camp in al-Badiya today

Today, Russian warplanes struck several targets in al-Badiya nearby the Jordanian borders, including headquarters belonging to the FSA faction Ussud al-Sharqiya and a refugee camp for displaced Syrian civilians, leading to the immediate death of at least three civilians and the injury of more than twenty one others.


“The air raids conducted by Russian warplanes today, have caused the death of two children and an old man, in addition to the injury of more than 21 others, 4 of whom are in critical conditions,” local sources indicated to D24 today.


They added, “All the wounded civilians, most of whom are women and children, were transported by Ussud al-Sharqiya to hospitals in Jordan.”


Fear is prevalent among displaced civilians who are living in the refugee camp as the Russian warplanes might bomb the area again.


Another child martyred by Russian warplanes today


Wounded child due to Russian air strikes on a refugee camp in al Badiya today


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