Turkish police capture a terrorist sleeper cell tasked to assassinate activists from Deir Ezzor in the city of Urfa

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Turkish security police has arrested members of a sleeper cell planning to carry out terror attacks on the Turkish soil, sources in the Turkish city of Urfa indicated to D24 today.



“Eight persons were arrested by the Turkish police. Their explosives and weapons were also found and confiscated. The members of the sleeper cell is estimated to be 15; a number of them are still on the run,” the sources said.


They added that, “the most important suspect is named Mohamed al-Sarrawi from the town of al-Shaheel in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. He has confessed to possession of weapons and explosives after being investigated. A number of others are still being interrogated by the Turkish police, among them are Nashmi al-Awda and Fayssal al-Hussyan and they are both from al-Shaheel.


Noteworthy, the Turkish police have found a kill list carried by al-Sarrawi, containing names of several activists from Deir Ezzor living in the city of Urfa in Turkey whom the sleeper cell was planning to assassinate.

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