People of Deir Ezzor are furious about the rising prices and low quality of the internet.

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Over the past days, the areas of Deir Ezzor countryside (east of the Euphrates) have witnessed discontent among the people, the internet cafes owners and the internet service providers in the region, as a result of high internet prices and low speeds.

Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent said that a group of internet providers a number of people called for strikes and demonstrations to demand Deir Ezzor Civil Council intervenes to break the monopoly of Internet, hold monopolists accountable, and restore the high quality and old prices.

One of the Internet providers told Deir Ezzor 24:
“We called for demonstrations in the areas controlled by the SDF due to the poor internet service, its frequent interruptions and monopolizing it by some people. We also called for strikes in the areas of the SDF due to the monopolizing of internet by three people in Rouj company, (Abu Hayel, Abu Saad, and Salar) who raised the price of one megabyte from $8 to $50.”

This crisis in the field of telecommunications, according to the owners of internet cafes in Deir Ezzor countryside, started after an Iraqi Internet company called (Rouj) entered the market, removed all the old satellite dishes of other companies, put its own receivers, and raised the prices of the Internet service dispite of the poor packages provided by this company.

It is noteworthy that the main means of communication have been cut off from Deir Ezzor countryside for more than five years, therefore the satellite Internet is the only means of communication in the region, which makes it one of the main needs of Deir Ezzor’s people.

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