One of the last remaining doctors in Aleppo martyred yesterday while serving civilians. He is from Deir Ezzor province.

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Last night, a mortar shelling on Sheikh Maqsud neighborhood of Aleppo killed one of the last remaining doctors in the city named Shahid Jiman from the province of Deir Ezzor. It is believed that the opposition was behind the shelling.

Dr. Shahid Jiman had lived in the Bani Zayd neighborhood of Aleppo before moving to Sheikh Maqsud to settle down with his family for three years, as it is a safer area.

He was one of the most proficient surgeons in the Sheikh Maqsud in particular and in the city of Aleppo in general. He remained in Syria despite the tough situation, and worked at the field hospitals located in the neighborhood for 3 years. He was committed to his job, doing the best he could to serve the wounded and the patients.

A medical source in Sheikh Maqsud indicated to D24 that, “last night, the neighborhood was targeted with mortar shells, which led to the injury of several civilians. In light of this incident, Dr. Shahid received a call, telling him to urgently come to the hospital where the wounded were transported.”

The source added that, “As Shahid came out of his home and was heading to the hospital a mortar shell exploded near him, leading him to sustain an injury. Then he was transported to an emergency after which he died due to the seriousness of his injury.”

Noteworthy, the doctor is aged 45 years, married and has a son who is currently with his mother in Sheikh Maqsud neighborhood of Aleppo.

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